October Favourites

Oh October, how I love thee! October truly belongs in my heart. I love it so much that I'm sad it's over. Never fear, I thought I'd take the opportunity to share just some of the things I've been enjoying this past month just to string it out a little longer.


I've always had really thick hair. It's both a blessing and a curse. I tend to get away with just chucking it up or not styling it, but when I wash it, it tangles in knots and can be left feeling like straw. I solved the problem with my previous brush, a Goody Detangle It brush, and I loved it! I'd recently however, realised just how much use that brush got, it was pretty gross, and I needed to find a replacement. That's when I found this wonder! This Tangle Teaser brush is designed to be used on wet hair to reduce breakage  while also detangling. I love it! It does exactly what it's designed to do, but it's also great for using as a brush on dry hair day to day. I was so said to replace my Goody when it died a brutal death, but I'm happy I found something that my hair loves!


I'd be lying if I said I wasn't the most basic girl and spent October drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but did I only drink PSL's? No, I honestly chugged more Chai Tea Lattes than anything, and once I found this Chai Tea powder in the Supermarket, there was no holding back. Chai is the perfect warm beverage for this time of year. It's warming with a beautifully cinnamon spiced taste! I enjoyed nothing more through October than cuddling up, watching a scary movie, with a delicious Chai.


I've been following the beautiful Belle on Instagram for years now. I'm always left in awe watching her create stunning make up looks and hoping and praying that it takes her places! Not only has it, but Belle recently released an eyeshadow palette and a liquid lipstick collection with Obsession. Yes, initially I  totally picked them up to support a creator that I've enjoyed for so long, but I was pleasantly surprised by each product! The eyeshadows are super pigmented and long lasting with minimal fallout, and the beautiful natural lipsticks stay all day! I've always struggled to find nude shades that I enjoy wearing, but I can honestly say, all three of these shades are stunning! These products are complete bargains, I highly recommend trying them out if you get the chance!


Much like most people reading this, I ate my fair share of sweet treats through October, including these delicious special edition bad boys! The best way I can describe these, is if M&M's had a baby with a Daim bar. I'll probably weep when they stop selling these, I've defiantly indulged! Grab them before they go!


Can I include an entire holiday? Because I'm going to! Halloween is my absolute favourite time of year. As far as I'm concerned, it starts on the 1st October and goes right up to the 31st. I'm a real lover of all things spooky, and I really love letting my freak flag fly for an entire month of the year. Halloween parties, nights cuddled on the sofa watching a scary movie, or even giving out treats to trick or treaters, I love absolutely everything about it! So let the count down to next year begin!