Pom-pom jumper

It would seem my love for pom pom's is never going to die. I'm constantly seeing bloggers such as the beautiful Zollea wearing jumpers covered in pom poms. Ever since Zara released their beautiful pom-pom jumpers last year, it seems they're now everywhere!

As a life long crafter, I turned my mind to more fashionable makes and came up with the easiest way to turn a boring plain knit jumper into a pom-pom masterpiece for a fraction of the cost! 


A pom pom maker
Plain jumper or sweatshirt - I grabbed a plain grey sweatshirt from Primark
Your choice of yarn - I went for Lily Sugar 'n' Cream in Buttercream Ombre
Yarn needle

First of all you'll need to decide the size of pom poms you want to make and get a maker that is the correct size. Luckily, my mum let me borrow hers...again. I went for a medium sized pom pom since I wanted them to be big, but not ridiculous. Choose the colour of your yarn and start making your pom poms!

Mark out where you want to place your pom poms. It's worth thinking about if you want to cover the back as well as the front, or just leave the back bare like I did. Once you figure this out, you'll know just how many pom poms you need to make.

Now you have your pom poms and your jumper is all marked out, using a yarn needle, thread the long lengths left from tying your pom pom through your jumper. Tie these in a double knot on  the inside and snip off any loose ends. Repeat this process until you have finished your jumper!

This whole jumper only cost me £8, a fraction of the price for a super similar look! And the best part is you can choose to create this look with any colour you like!