Dried Orange Slices

One thing I adore about this time of year is the home fragrances. I'm such a lover of cinnamon, oranges and cosy scents, and a great way to add fragrance to your garlands and tree, is to hang dried orange slices.

They smell great on their own or with cinnamon sticks, and I adore the way the look on my mantle!


A sharp kitchen knife

Baking paper lined baking tray


Thinly slice your oranges, about 5mm thick. Once you've cut up your fruit, lay them out on your baking tray.

Pop them in the oven at the lowest setting you can. This part takes a while, so make sure it wont interrupt any other cooking plans. You'll want to dry your oranges for around two hours each side. Every oven is different, so keep an eye on your oranges to avoid burning them.

Once your slices are dry, take them out of the oven and add them to your garlands or tree. They smell and look beautiful! Especially with fairy lights behind them.