How to Make an Artificial Tree Look and Smell Real

As much as I love how they look and smell, a real Christmas tree just isn't cost effective or practical for us. They can cost more than a pretty penny, it means double the hoovering with all the falling needles and with two pug-let's running around, I'd really rather not have them getting a needle in their paw. 

So instead, I have an artificial tree. I kind of love it since I was gifted it by Alex's mum. It was their family tree when he was young so it's super sentimental.

The only issue with an artificial tree? Sometimes these trees look super fake and smell like loft and dust. But with a little care and attention, you can not only make your tree look more realistic, but I'll show you which product I use to make my tree smell just as gorgeous as the real thing.

The first thing to consider, is how there are next to no straight lines in nature. A pine tree doesn't grow with it's branches perfectly flat and even, so try to avoid fluffing your tree out that way. As I'm attaching the branches, I make sure to pull them in all different directions. This not only helps to make your tree look more realistic, but it also helps to make it look more full and bushy.

Once I have my tree all bushed out, I'll step back and check it over to see if there are any obvious gaps or flat spots. This may seem a bit much, but a gap can be a real pain when you're trying to decorate later.

I then add my lights. I wind them around my tree from top to bottom and I mix up how deep in the tree I place them. This is easier to do with the lights on, because you can see where light is most needed and if you have any too close together. Don't be scared to fiddle with them until you're happy, but in this case, imperfect is perfect.

At this point, I add my secret weapon. Scenticles are amazing hanging ornaments you can hide in your tree. They come in a selection of scents, but I love using the white winter fir scent to make my tree smell more realistic. They're dark green so they don't stand out and are super easy to hide deep in the branches. They honestly make my tree smell beautiful for the entire month it's up and so many people stop and have to double take due to the smell.

After that, I add my garlands and baubles. I place my garland close to the edge of the branches to help break up the tree but also to help it appear fuller. I've honestly re-positioned it more than a few times since! I then spend at least an hour placing all of my ornaments all over my tree before I am satisfied. 

If you want to go the extra step, you could add a tree skirt to the bottom to cover up your stand. I skip this because it makes it more difficult to keep the presents under your tree and they hide the bottom of it anyway.

I hope you find my tips useful!