November Favourites

New month, new monthly favourites! November just disappeared, I used it as a mini Christmas build up since I wanted to get a head start on things like gifts and blog posts so I didn't see much of it at all! But, what I did manage to do, was try out a few new products along with some oldies but goldies and I thought it'd be a great idea to share them with you!


My skin always suffers when the weather gets colder. I get such dry patches that nothing seems to touch, that is except this wonderful scrub! It smells like the most beautiful roses and contains extra moisturising Muru Muru butter. I love this scrub. My skin always feels super smooth and soft after I use it and my skin is having the best winter of it's life! As well as all this, this scrub is made with only natural exfoliants and contains no colourants or parabens, meaning it's also kind to the planet!


My best friend Paige just so happens to also be a super talented hair stylist so of course I always go to see her when I need a good chop. She's also always there if I need advice on lotions and potions for my hair. This one came highly recommended. I heat and style my hair maybe twice a week, and as we all know, hair hates heat. I was looking for a serum that would protect my hair but not be too heavy, Paige grabbed me a bottle of this miracle potion and I have never looked back! Not only does my hair feel super soft and salon fresh, it's also suffered minimum damage from heat styling. If you're looking to treat your locks, grab yourself some today!


CBT (or cognitive behavioural therapy) is a great technique for teaching you why you feel the way you feel and to stop being so hard on yourself. When I was having therapy this technique was the one we focused on the most and I honestly fell like this technique was the easiest way to understand my own mind and how to overcome my anxieties and depression. I want to start going to therapy again in the new year, but I spotted this journal in a book store and grabbed it for a stop gap. I love it. It's a great way to guide yourself through therapy and  a little each day will calm me and make me reason with myself. If you're looking for some help with your mental health, look into it, I cannot recommend it enough. 


So many of my childhood memories revolve around listening to vinyl records with my parents and dancing on the table. I guess it's because of this touch of nostalgia that I've always wanted a record player of my own. So I recently treated myself to the most beautiful mint green Crosley and I adore it! It doesn't take up too much space, so I didn't have to find a spot for a super bulky player, it also has it's own built in speakers so I didn't have to worry about finding a sound system to go along with it. I adore it! I'm usually found sitting on the floor surrounded by vinyls. And the best part? Both of my parents have gifted me their collections since they don't own a player themselves anymore. So I get to relive my childhood in a super sentimental way.


Is there anything quite as enjoyable as finishing a puzzle?! My friend Hayley is staying with us at the moment, and there is nothing we enjoy more than sitting at the dining table with a glass of wine doing a puzzle. We've already completed one, and we're currently half way through the second. It's honestly been so long since I'd done a puzzle, I'm now wondering why I ever stopped!