Santa Letterhead Printable

As a kid did you ever wonder how you'd know if Santa got your letter? Or maybe you have your own pesky elves that need reminding the big man in the red suit is watching!

It was exactly these thoughts that lead to me creating these letterhead PDF's for you to download, totally free!

I also created a Father Christmas version for those of you that are anti-Santa (my parents were so against us calling the man in red anything else! Sadly, this didn't stick)

You can print them out and write your own notes, or print them out and re-print in a different font for those who may notice how similar Santa's handwriting is to your own.

For the Santa PDF click - here

For the Father Christmas PDF click - here

My nieces and nephews usually come and visit me and Alex after Christmas. These letters are super handy for letting them know Santa found extra presents in his sleigh, so dropped them off  on his way through, knowing I'd pass them on.

I always leave the letter in the fireplace for them to find as if he left it just after he came down the chimney.

I just think it's an extra special way to add a little magic to your Christmas that you can keep for years to come!