smear for smear

When I had my letter through from my GP, I did what so many others do. Sighed, ignored it and went on with my business - I'll get around to that later... then they sent another, and another. It might have seemed like they were pestering me if it was for anything else, but I was more than a little aware of how important a smear could be. 

Both my mum and sister have had abnormal cells detected when they had their cervical screening, so I knew it would be a possibility for me. So I booked it. That same day I mentioned I'd booked it to my best friend, Paige who is younger than me and asked if she could come along, of course I agreed, and it was a date! All be it a very strange one.

When my appointment came around we  went to my GP office, and got called through for my appointment with the nurse. At first she was a little confused to see the two of us standing there (I guess patients don't usually bring a friend along) but once I explained it was my first, and my friend was a few years younger so wanted to know what to expect, she smiled and made us comfortable. She went through each step with both of us, explaining what she was doing and why as she went and even went through all the things they could detect from the test.

Paige sat the other side of the room so she didn't see anything she didn't want to (we're close, but not that close!) but we were both shown the speculum and the brush used to collect cells before the nurse used them. It not only put my mind at ease to know just what was going on down there, but I know Paige felt a little more aware and prepared for her letter to arrive.

The whole thing honestly takes two minutes. You might feel slightly uncomfortable during the examination, but that's better than being completely ignorant to what's going on within your own body - in this case, ignorance definitely isn't bliss!

If you'd like some more information on what to expect, you can always ask your nurse/GP. You can also visit the NHS Cervical Screening page: here

Smear For Smear is a campaign created by Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, you can find more info: here