I've been keeping a secret....

The secret is out! I'm so excited to officially announce we will be welcoming a tiny baby of our own come October, our little pumpkin! The excitement and the fear is overwhelming, but we truly cannot wait for this chapter of our lives, we're going to be parents!


I'd spent all day helping our old roomie Hayley decorate her new apartment. I'd felt weird all day, and asked her to take a detour on our way back to the pharmacy. She knew what was up, that girl is too smart. When we got home I ran to the bathroom to take the test. I was super confused to start with, I thought the control line was meant to be in the other box?....oh! I got a positive reading right away! No need to wait!


After I'd had a private freak out in the bathroom - I must have checked that test 20 times before I walked out the door - I ran downstairs. Hayley was sitting in her room with the door open (the sneak!) so she saw me bolt past like that one alien in Signs and instantly knew. Alex was on the sofa, watching a film with the pugs. I didn't know what to say so I just stood in the doorway and said 'ummm' he asked what was up and I showed him the test. 'well what does that mean?' honestly, I didn't think I'd have to spell it out! 'It means we're having a baby babe!!'  I was in so much shock, we hadn't been trying long, honestly it was a one off and I wasn't expecting anything to happen for a while but clearly we're more fertile than we could have imagined. I kept looking from Alex to the test, almost scared to figure out his reaction - he was pretty shocked too - until he went 'well that's a good thing! It's what we wanted! stop looking at it, it wont change, come here!' and he gave me the biggest kiss and cuddle, I calmed down at that point, knowing he was as excited as I was was enough for me! 


Alex didn't want us to tell anyone until we were 12 weeks. Lets be honest, that clearly isn't all that realistic, especially for how excited I was!! Hayley already knew, which was a good thing. Trying to keep that a secret from a friend that was staying with us would have been next to impossible, especially once I started feeling pregnant. It was also nice to have someone to chat about it openly with, it wasn't long until my best friend Paige also got it out of me. To say she was excited would be the biggest understatement ever! We decided to keep it quiet from everyone else until we hit 12 weeks. I wanted to enjoy the big reveal with Alex and our families and friends. We waited until we had our scan done and then I'd say 'Hey, want to see what Alex got me for my birthday?' and I'd show them the scan. We did our best to record everyone's reactions. I like the idea that little one can look back on it in years to come to see all of our friends and family so excited to meet them!

I'm still in shock! But telling everyone has taken a massive weight off my shoulders. I hate keeping secrets, especially from my favourite people. The pressure is off, and we can now enjoy everyone's excitement along with our own!