Dealing With Sickness While Pregnant

When I found out we were expecting our tiny bundle of joy, I was so excited! Not only to be a mum, but also to enjoy the whole pregnancy experience. I was looking forward to my growing bump, to have an excuse to eat what I want, to share the joy with our nearest and dearest and to feel those tiny butterfly kicks.

While yes, I get to enjoy most of that, eating what I wanted isn't one of those things... instead, I've been lucky if I can keep a sandwich down. I've been completely drained, lost 3 stone, had to deal with sickness 5-20 times a day and just felt, quite honestly, felt crap. 

We all hope for the glowy radiant pregnancy but for a lot of us, that isn't at all realistic. During the early stages of my pregnancy, it really really worried me and Alex. I was struggling to even keep water down for a while and we were terrified that meant the baby wasn't getting the nutrients it needed to grow. It turned out we needn't have worried. My doctor told me the reason I felt so drained and rubbish, was because the baby was stealing all the nutrients it needs from me. The cheeky thing! It was such a relief to find out that although I felt like death, baby was safe and comfortable. 

I've had points where it's been a real struggle. I've felt low, pretty useless and more than a little uncomfortable. But at these points it was great to know there are communities and charities out there who are available for help, advice or just to sympathise with you. I've turned to Pregnancy Sickness Support on more than one occasion. They've been there when we were worried about taking anti-sickness medication, or even if I just needed help figuring out how to describe how I was feeling to my midwife so I'd get the best possible care. They've honestly been a godsend for me while I've been suffering. This being my first pregnancy, I have no experience of what is 'normal' or not and I had nothing to compare it to. If it wasn't for them, I'd honestly have probably suffered unnecessarily purely because I didn't know!

I'm slowly feeling better. I'm taking it easy, eating small regular meals and only doing what I can, I wont push myself so hard, because honestly, what's the point?

If my experience should teach you anything. It's that if something seems wrong, or you think you're suffering more than you should, talk to someone. Be that your doctor, your midwife or a charity like I did. No one knows your body like you. If you feel something isn't right, speak up! You'll feel so much better once you get the help, advice and possibly medication you need. There is no need to 'nut up and shut up' or just deal with it, you should be able to enjoy your pregnancy!