How I Closed my Stretched Ears

As a teen, I was a complete emo kid. Weren't we all? I wanted to dye my hair dark (my mum would never let me) and have every body mod I could, including stretching my ear lobes. I eventually managed to stretch my lobes to 10mm/00g and I loved them!

Honestly, I kept them for years. Something about them was just such a part of me that I didn't want to give them up! As I got older, I started to fall out of love with them a little. My style flipped to a totally more 'preppy' style and I wanted to be able to wear cute dainty earrings and my hair back.

So, I decided to start closing my lobes. I thought I'd share my experience with you guys since I have seen so many different techniques including cutting excess skin away or using a dremel to file the skin to create an open wound - yikes! The technique I came up with is a lot less painful and can easily be achieved at home for under £10.

** Disclaimer - I am not a doctor or a medical expert. I cannot guarantee positive results or that this will work for you. I don't have any experience using this technique for a lobe bigger than 10mm/00g so cannot guarantee this will work for larger lobes. This is just what worked best for me personally. The products I used were used following the product directions, just for a different purpose. Please please please, do your research before you try any technique you see online and talk to your doctor before trying any technique. **

  The first step is obviously to remove any jewellery you're wearing.  Once you've removed your jewellery, clean your lobes. This might sound silly but if you have stretched your lobes, you know about that smell. Clean your lobes and massage them as you go. Each time you shower or wash your face, wash your lobes and again massage them. This helps to direct blood flow to the area which will help shrink your lobes. After your jewellery is removed, your lobes will shrink pretty fast. It took about a month or two for my lobes to shrink down to 5mm/4g which is were they stopped. I left them for a few months to see if they'd get any smaller but they didn't at all. The size your lobes naturally shrink to completely depends on how big you stretched your lobes in the first place. You might be lucky and they may close completely, or you may be like me, and have to work a little harder to shrink them right down.

For the next step, we're going to need a little help. I purchased this verruca and wart spray from Superdrug. I've seen a lot of people use trichloroacetic acid to close their lobes, but that method is so harsh and damaging, I'd stay away. The acid basically burns the skin surrounding your lobes so that when they heal, the lobe closes up. My method is pretty much the same but it's a lot less harsh and if done correctly, it shouldn't damage your skin anywhere near as much. 

Using the product as directed, I sprayed my lobe hole, both front and back. I then took some medical tape and taped my lobe hole closed, again front and back. I wont lie, my ears did tingle a little after applying the spray and itched as they started to heal. It's not a terribly uncomfortable healing process but try not to touch your lobes. I am such a fiddler with jewellery or earrings that the first time I did this, I was pretty disappointed that it hadn't shrunk as much as I thought. Leave your lobes to heal. If you (unlike me) leave your lobes for a week or two, once you remove your tape, you should see a difference.

I carried this process out 3 times in total on each lobe. I left it a month between applications to give my ears a chance to heal completely before I tried again. My lobes are now just a touch larger than an average piercing hole, and I am more that happy with them!

This is a long, time consuming process, but it's an awful lot cheaper than some of the alternatives. If you take your time, have some patience and take care while you're treating your lobes, hopefully you'll also have positive results!