Welcome To the Jungle

When house plants became the must have home decor accessory, I won't lie, I was more than a little excited. I've always loved the idea of having plants around my home. I've always found plants really help make a room feel fresher and the pop of green is always a pleasant sight. I thought I'd share which plants I've dotted around my home and how I care for them.


Our biggest house plants have both ended up in our living room. I've also put a selection of succulents in a pot on the coffee table to add a little balance to the other side of the room.

Swiss Cheese plant - Ever had a house plant that you've longed for but can't find anywhere? This is exactly how I was with this beauty. I'd seen Swiss Cheese plants on Pintrest a lot, but couldn't find them anywhere! Until a trip to IKEA, I can't tell you how happy I was. This plant is in a high pot holder in the bay window. It likes a lot of sun, but is still happy if it doesn't get a lot.

Succulents - Any time Alex drags me into a DIY store (hello B&Q) I always wonder away to their plant section and grab the little packs of 3 succulents they do. They're such versatile plants. They don't need a lot of fuss and I've defiantly killed a few by over watering them! Succulents truly are the best plants for lazy people. 

Arcea Palm - This plant is one that we've had for a while. I stupidly put it next to the fridge in the kitchen for a while and it got too hot so damaged some of it's leaves. After noticing it didn't like the spot it was in, I moved it into a cooler spot in our living room. It's away from direct sunlight, but it still gets some through the day and I've actually noticed some new growth!


Although our kitchen is one of the larger rooms in our house, because the walls are green I didn't  want to over do it with plans in here, so I kept it simple.

Peace Lily - This beauty was also brought home from B&Q, and holy heck has it flourished!  I love how wide, leafy and green this plant is. In the spring it produces beautifully elegant white flowers that are a great contrast. This plant is happy out of direct sunlight, but it still gets some throughout the day.

String of Hearts - I've always loved the way this plant looks. It's such a sweet little touch, I'd wanted one for a while and finally found one in a local garden centre! I decided to have it draping down from the plate rack we have going around our kitchen (we don't use it for anything else, so it's a bit wasted) I love how it fills the gap between the wall and pantry door.  I just think it's the perfect little touch!

Fern - I got this fern at the same time that I got the string of hearts. I really like the colour of this plant, it's so bright! He sits on my bar cabinet and adds a touch of greenery in the conservatory. It is such an easy plant to look after, and it get's the most light out of all the plants in our house, lucky duck!


For a small room that almost never gets used, I have made sure it's got plenty of plant action!

Succulent - The succulent I have in this room started off tiny, but because I transferred it into a slightly larger pot, it is now a monster! 

Cactus - This cactus also started off small but is slowly growing! I love having simple plants in rooms that don't get used an awful lot. This way I don't feel bad if I forget to water them.

Spider plant - After Alex's mum realised how much I love plants around the house, she gifted me this Spider plant that she grew from a cutting from her plant at home. It's only small right now, but I can't wait for it to get longer and trail down the side of these boxes! Because it's in front of the window, it gets quite a lot of light so I'm hoping it will become a monster.


Admittedly, I don't know what exactly these plants are. I saw them in Homebase on a recent trip and I'm obsessed!  I think they look amazing together, and I love the matching pots that I got from TKMaxx.

Calathea - I fell in love with this plant because it reminded me of crimped hair, or crinkle cut chips. It has flourished as it gets quite a lot of sunlight above our bed. It's huge!

Grass - This is the plant I have no idea what it is! So I'm sorry for being useless, but I adore how crazy it's growing. The leaves come through with a bit of a curl to them, so they look amazing draping over the edge of our scaffold board shelf.


Yep! Even the bathroom doesn't get away from the plant madness! We only have a small bathroom, so I've only manage to fit two plants in there...for now!

Dragon tree - This is the first house plant me and Alex ever bought. I'm amazed it's still growing strong to be honest, since it's survived three house moves! We got this plant from IKEA, it's grown so well and doesn't mind the humidity of the bathroom at all!

String of pearls - There's a bit of a story behind the wall holder I use for this one, it's actually a vintage candle holder gifted to us by my dad! I loved the way it looked in our bathroom, but I doubted I'd ever actually use it for a candle, so I looked into different hanging plants and fell in love with the string of pearls. Ours does look a little pathetic at the moment, but it's only a cutting! I'm hoping soon it'll flourish and it'll look marvellous!


With so many plants around the house, it's easy to get overwhelmed. I tend to stick to watering my plants every Monday. Knowing I have a set day means I never have to guess when they were last watered. Every time I go to water a plant, I'll check the soil to see how damp it is, if it's still super damp, I don't give it another water. I basically let the plants tell me what they want. With my succulents and cactus' I give them a quick spray of water every other week. They don't need a lot at all and I've actually killed a few by over watering them!

I love having plants around my home. I feel like it makes each and every room fresher and brighter, they're so easy  to look after, so I figure why not?