Boohoo Summer Maternity Clothing Haul

If there's one annoying added extra that comes with pregnancy, it's trying to find affordable, flattering, stylish clothes. I know this may sound like it's no big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I'm already feeling less like myself, I don't want to lose myself in this pregnancy haze entirely! 

That's where Boohoo comes in. Not only are their items affordable, but they're comfortable, true to size and they have an amazing selection of maternity fashion! After finding this goldmine, I decided to place an order and thought I'd share some of my favourite purchases with you (as well as a little maternity style inspo!)

I love this vest! A lot of the items I grabbed are quite fitted, so it's nice to have something that hangs completely over my bump, especially on those super hot days! Paired with ripped jeans or jean shorts you can't go wrong, and the cute shoulder bow detail is a super cute added touch!

Okay, confession time.... I dyed this dress. I loved the style and cut of it, and really felt like it flattered my shape, but I wasn't a fan of the colour against my skin tone. But a little DIY never hurts! I thought I'd include it anyway, since I grabbed it from Boohoo and think it's great for summer weddings and events. I also like looking at clothing and thinking about how I could change it up to be something of it's own!
I've always hated my knees. I've inherited my mothers 'Yorkshire pudding' knees (her words!) so I've always been uncomfortable wearing anything shorter than mid-length. That was until I came across these shorts. I live in them! They're so easy to chuck on with a tee or vest and I love how bold they are! I always thought maternity meant kissing anything high waisted goodbye, but these shorts proved me wrong. They're available in a few other patterns too! These are a serious summer wardrobe staple!

This is Alex's favourite outfit I purchased, which is weird, because it's so easy to wear! I love how much it shows off my growing bump but is still a nice length. It's great for cooler days since it's slightly thicker, but still comfortable for summer. I honestly might grab this in every colour they do, I love it!

In my opinion, a stripe is an wardrobe staple. I've always loved a breton stripe! So when I saw this skirt, it was a complete no brainer! It's great to dress up or down and so comfortable! There's a lot of stretch in this skirt, which is great when you have an ever growing tum to compete with! 

Another great chuck on and go option. I love this with a pair of jeans for those colder days. It's a little more than just a tee and I love the neckline. It's super lightweight and flowy so great for summer! I feel like I've made some sort of effort even if I've just chucked this on!

Like I said, a stripe is a real wardrobe must have, so of course I also grabbed a simple stripe tee! I have so many already, but when my tum started to stick out the bottom like the worlds biggest beer gut, I thought I may as well invest in a maternity friendly alternative. I actually grabbed a few different tee's from their maternity range. They have some incredible basics multi-packs that are real staples and finish any outfit!


All in all I'd say I've done pretty good at finding items that are my style while building my summer maternity wardrobe! Boohoo is honestly a godsend! It's all so affordable and easy to wear, I've recommended it to everyone searching for maternity clothing, I cannot recommend them enough!