How To Paint Your Nails Like A Professional

I cannot tell you how often I hear 'do you do your own nails? I could never paint mine like that!' I think it just goes hand in hand with being a nail technician. You spend so much time practising that you end up used to doing your nails, even with your less dominant hand!

I get so many questions asking for advice when it comes to painting nails that I thought I'd do a post explaining the prosess! A little nail polish 101 from me to you.

You will need:

nail colour of your choice
 good quality base coat
 good quality top coat
small brush
nail polish remover
cuticle pusher
nail file

Gently  push your cuticles back and file your nails if you need to (please be careful! The last thing you want is to jab at your cuticles until you bleed!)

If you have any polish on your nails, be sure to remove every trace of it before you start. It'll make your life so much easier when it comes to getting an even coat so don't skimp on this step!

Apply a base coat to each nail. You can find ones with different benefits, such as hardeners; but even if you don't think you need it, use one! It stops your polish from staining your nails and prevents your polish chipping.

Once your base coat is dry, it's time to apply your colour! You want to apply at least two thin coats and not over work your polish. You should be able to apply each coat with only four strokes, yep, four!

Start by applying a small blob of polish in the centre of your nail, close to your cuticle. Push the paint towards your cuticle, but not onto your cuticle. Pull the polish back down to the free edge of your nail.

Swipe the polish from the same centre point down one side down to the free edge and repeat this step on the opposite side.

Brush polish across the free edge to seal the end.

If you need to, once your polish is dry, repeat each step of the colour coat, I tend to apply at least two coats.

If you make any mistakes, use your small brush and a little nail polish remover to tidy up the edges.

Once you are happy, cover your nails with a top coat to prolong the shine and wear of your nail colour. Don't forget to seal the ends!

That's it! It really is that simple but of course practise makes perfect, don't give up and you'll totally get there and be able to rock the most perfect nail colour without a trip to the salon!

If you need any more tips, feel free to ask!