Concrete Pumpkin Vase

I saw this craft idea on Pintrest a while ago, and just had to try it! I'm really loving industrial decor at the moment, and thought this was a great modern craft right in time for Halloween!


A plastic pumpkin bucket
Building sand
Plastic cup
Duct tape
Copper leaf paint (optional)
Stanley knife


Take the handle off your pumpkin bucket and cover any holes with duct tape. This just stops your concrete from pouring through those holes.

You'll want to mix your concrete 3 parts sand to cement mix, and slowly add water until it has the same consistency as a cake mix.

Fill your bucket with concrete. You'll be surprised with how much these buckets can hold! I ended up making two batches. Make sure you push the mix into all the details and around the sides. If you want to have a smoother pumpkin, tap the sides to bring any air bubbles to the top.

Once it's almost full, push a plastic cup through the middle of your pumpkin. This will be where your flowers go. I then taped mine down using duct tape and filled it with stones so it didn't get forced out as the concrete set.

Leave your pumpkin to set! I left mine for 2 days, but it could have done with an extra day, I'm just too impatient!

Once your pumpkin has set, get ready for the hard part!

You'll need to cut your plastic bucket off the cement. I ended up having to cut the bucket in three places to finally get the bucket off. It took a while, but I got there in the end!

I then filled the facial details in with copper leaf paint. This is totally optional, but I have a real love for copper decor and I thought it would totally go with my year round decor.

I love that you can see all the little bubbles on the service. I didn't want it to be perfectly smooth. I think it has a lot more character with dimples and cracks and it also means each one will be unique!

I hope this craft comes in handy and helps you to add a chic spooky touch to your own decor.

- Oldies but goldies -