Babies First Christmas: Gift Ideas

By Abbie Day - December 02, 2019

I've had so many friends and family ask what Axel needs for Christmas, and at two months old, he doesn't need or want for anything! I'd much rather they save their money (I know Christmas can get super expensive!) but since it's his first, so many people want to get him something special, which is really kind of them and I'm not going to try to stop them!

But just what do you buy a tiny baby for Christmas?! I thought I'd help out with a few ideas to make their first Christmas as special and memorable as possible! 

Babies First Christmas Gift Ideas

As babies grow so super fast, I think Christmas is a great opportunity to invest in their future with toys that'll help with their motor skills. I've tired to focus on toys that will be beneficial to a little ones development.Things like a sensory water mat for tummy time or a stack-able rainbow to help with hand eye coordination are great gifts! Not only are they fun for baby, but investing in their development is a priceless gift!

A personalised ornament might be more for the parents right now, but it's a great way to remember babies first Christmas. I wont lie, I've definitely bought Axel this exact bauble! I just think it's so beautiful and love that it'll grow to be a super sentimental decoration for years to come.

If you're looking for something small to gift, maybe for a friend or if you're on a tight budget, quality toiletries will always be gratefully received. If you're a parent you'll know how quickly you get through things like bubble bath or nappy cream. It's also nice to receive a gift that you know you'll need and use.

Still looking for ideas? How about:

Knitting a new blanket/jumper - These are personal gifts. I have cardigans knitted by my great aunt and blankets from my mum that I'll never ever get rid of. There's something so magical about a hand crafted gift that you know your loved one has put so much time and effort into.

Family Photo Shoot - This is a great gift! In fact, it's what my mum has got us for Christmas! I just happened to mention in passing that we didn't have any pictures as a family and she decided to pay for some professional ones for us! This is a gift that'll keep on giving. I'll cherish these photos for years to come and they're also great for gifting to other family members!

Book to meet Father Christmas - Okay okay, I know this is just for the photo op, but like a personalised ornament, it's a great way to commemorate little one's first Christmas. Although a lot of grotto's have started charging, there's still a few around you can visit or free! You can also buy prints of little one meeting the main man himself that'll be cherished for years to come.


Honestly, I'm just super thankful that so many people already love Axel enough to want to spoil him for Christmas. He has only been here for (almost) two months but he is already surrounded by so much love I'll always be grateful. I hope this list helps you find some idea's for your shopping list! Have any more ideas? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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