Kate Spade Inspired Glitter Coasters

by - March 15, 2020

Is there anything us gals like more than a touch of glitter? I'm always looking for classy ways to sneak it into our decor, much to Alex's annoyance. I thought making these glitter coasters was a  great way to jazz up our bar cabinet and add a touch of something special!

I got the idea when I was browsing the Kate Spade site and came across something similar. They were gorgeous but so expensive, and I knew Alex would never agree to them. All it took was a little imagination and I'd managed to make something similar at a fraction of the price!

You will need - 

Waterproof Mod Podge - Follow the instructions on the bottle for best results
Your choice of glitter - I think chunky glitter works best
Cork coasters  - I used the AVSKILD ones from IKEA 
A paint brush or sponge

Lay out some newspaper to protect your surface before you start. It doesn't matter how neat you try to keep this, glitter will always make a mess! So do yourself a favour make it an easier tidy up job!

Coat one side of your coasters in mod podge and sprinkle your glitter over the top. Tap off any excess and leave them to dry. If you want to repeat to get a really full coverage do! I covered mine in 3 coats of glitter before I was happy with them, it's all personal preference!

Once you're happy with your coverage, give your coasters a couple of coats of mod podge to keep the glitter from flaking off. Be sure to let it dry completely between coats for a durable finish.

I adore the way these coasters look! They're perfect for any occasion and I love the touch of sparkle they add.  Now just poor yourself a drink, and enjoy the gilts!

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