Looking Back on 2019

by - March 01, 2020

2019 was a bit of a crazy roller coaster! The year started like any other, but falling pregnant in January, meant it took an incredible turn that I almost wasn't expecting. We thought we'd try for a baby, just once, and if nothing happened, we'd try again later in the year. Neither of us were expecting to fall pregnant that fast, but lucky us, it worked out, and now we have our beautiful Axel!
I had the roughest pregnancy. I was sick the whole way through and actually lost weight because of it, over 4st! Admittedly, I wanted to try and lose a little weight anyway so I guess that was a bonus? But it was so extreme and intense that it kind of took all the fun and excitement out of the first few months. It got better towards the end of my pregnancy, but man am I glad I don't have to go through that anymore!

Somehow, in July, I managed to finally get my driving licence! It was the one thing I'd always wanted to make sure I did before we had a baby and I'm so happy I did it! I just hated the idea of being stuck relying on Alex or public transport, especially if I had to rush anywhere with Axel. I'm also super enjoying the added freedom of being able to go grocery shopping without it taking up Alex's time off! It sounds so trivial, but that tiny bit of independence means the world to me!

In August, I had the absolute honour of being a bridesmaid at my childhood besties wedding in Cornwall. Since it was such a long way away, we decided to go down for a week and make it a mini babymoon! It was so nice to celebrate with friends I've had forever, but to also have one last trip just Alex and me. I used to holiday with my family a lot as a kid, and it turned out we were super close to all of our old haunts! So we took the time to visit Looe as well as my favourite beach Lantic Bay. Admittedly climbing down and back up a steep cliff to get to the beach at 7 months pregnant might not have been the smartest idea I've ever had, but I'd have regretted it if we didn't visit. It was super nostalgic! 
September was baby shower  month! It was so nice to have our nearest and dearest come together to celebrate Axel's impending arrival. We were super spoilt but it honestly just meant the world to us that we got to have a special day with everyone. We realised just how lucky we are and how loved Axel was even before he arrived.

October will always be my favourite month, it always has been with pumpkin spice everything, cosy jumpers and of course Halloween, but this October will always and forever be the most special. It was the month that made me a mum. Axel was finally born on the 16th! The labour was looong and pretty traumatic, but finally seeing him and having him with us was so so worth all of the pain and worry! I've never known a love like it, and now I have no idea what I filled my time with before he got here!
The rest of the year admittedly, was a bit of a blur! Between mastering breastfeeding, changing disgusting nappies, friends and family meeting our little guy, and worrying about every single little thing, November and December came and went without me really having a chance to enjoy them! 

The end of the year was so so different to the beginning, sitting here typing this it seems crazy! Everyone starts a year thinking 'this year will be my year!' but I think 2019 was mine. I grew so much as a person and achieved more than I'd ever think was possible that 2020 is going to have a tough time topping it! For now, I'm enjoying every little moment as a family. 

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