Peter Pan Nursery Moodboard

by - March 01, 2020

For years now, I've always said when we have a baby, I'd love to create a magical Peter Pan inspired bedroom. Peter Pan has always been my favourite story, there's so many magical elements throughout, I just love the idea of picking out a few and seeing how our little ones personality will guide their space in the future.

We didn't want to spend a whole bunch on furniture for the nursery, and we were super lucky and gifted a lot of it, including our cot! I love how miss matched older furniture looks compared to a whole new set. I think it gives a room a little more personality and I love an up-cycle project, so I'm super excited to fix up some old pieces and give them a new lease of life. I'm also going to try to turn the cot into something extra special, so watch this space!!

I can't wait to put the nursery together! As much as I love having Axel in our room, it'll be great for him to have his own space to grow and let his imagination run wild!

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