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by - March 16, 2020

Since Axel came along, I've felt a little sorry for Dolly and Doug. They're such an important part of our family and our lives, but anyone with a tiny human can tell you they sure take up a lot of time and I've been worried we haven't been able to give the pups the attention they're used to. It was for this reason exactly that when I saw the Pug Cafe was making its way to my hometown I jumped at the opportunity and booked tickets right away!

Pug Cafe are known for creating pop up events all over the UK. They bring their personal brand of puppy love to regular cafes and transform them into every dog lover and pooch's paradise! The event was held at Revolution in Southend, which is already a super fun, Instagram ready spot. Pug Cafe set up photo spots for you and your pups to enjoy. Every pug gets a free puguccino (whipped cream with a sweet doggie treat!) and there are adorable home made dog treats made by the super talented Rudi's The Doggy Bakery you can purchase for your furry friend.

It was great to take some time out and see my fur babies enjoy themselves. I never realised just how many pugs live in our town, they really loved running around and socialising with all the other adorable pups and getting so many snuggles. It was lovely to be able to show them off but also have a fun day and a chance to speak to other owners and share stories and advice. 

Pug Cafe events aren't only great if you're a pug owner, but also if you're a pug lover! It's a great opportunity to sit on the floor and be absolutely surrounded by furry friends. We all had a great time! Axel really loved stroking all the pups, he adores Dolly and Doug so it was great for him to meet and play with other dogs, and me? Well I think this photo speaks for itself!

If pugs aren't your jam, don't worry, they also hold events for other breeds! I cannot recommend checking this guys out enough. It was such a fun day, and great to do something different!

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