How to keep your Dogs cool this summer

by - June 06, 2020

Ahh summers here, and whilst I may be enjoying the weather, my pups Doug and Dolly are my number one priority as it gets a little warmer.

Being pugs, it's quite easy for them to overheat. I'd hate for them to be uncomfortable, or worse, get heat stroke! So I always make sure they are happy and healthy at this time of year.

Keeping them comfortable doesn't have to be as hard as it sounds, and I've made a little list of things to do to keep your k9's cool this summer.

Lazy pups

My pups love laying on our kitchen floor this time of year. The tiles keep their tummies cool and it's a great way for them to regulate their body temperature. If you don't have tiles in your home, you can buy cooling matts from most pet stores which have the same effect. I like to leave a fan on over their bed in the kitchen too so they at least have a cool spot if it gets a bit too much.

Frozen treats

Frozen treats are a great way to keep your doggos cool from the inside out. Something as simple as a slice of frozen carrot can keep them happy for a few minutes. Carrots are a healthy option as they're high in fibre and vitamins, and are even good for their teeth! If you want to go the extra mile, you can make them a frozen treat, you can find lots of ideas on Pinterest!

A new do

If your pup has longer fur, be sure to take them for a nice haircut! They'll thank  you for it. All that extra hair will mean your fur baby will have to work extra hard to keep cool. Do them a favour and give them a head start.

Water fight!

Dolly and Doug are broken pups. They hate paddling pools! But they love the hose or running through a sprinkler. It's fun to have a pool party or a water fight in the summer anyway, so why not get your pups involved? Just make sure they're up for playing along, and don't force them to do anything they don't want to.

Drink up

This one is a no brainer, but I thought I'd list it anyway. Be sure to have lots of clean water around for your doggo to drink as and when they need. I tend to have two double bowls in the kitchen and one outside. This way they're never far from a drink should they need it. 

Time it right

The worst time to walk your dog in the hotter months is when the sun is at its highest. Get a head start on the day and take them for an early morning walk. Or, if like me and Alex you prefer dusk, take them for an evening stroll. 

I hope these tips help you to make the most of the summer with your furry friends!

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