Ouija Board Halloween invitations

by - October 10, 2020

It's very much officially October! Which as far as I'm concerned means it's officially Halloween! Because of this, I have decided to show you how to make some spook-tacular Halloween party invites!

 This craft is pretty easy, as long as you have Microsoft Word, and a printer, you’re away. It makes invites that little bit more festive, without the extra cost. I’ve always loved the idea or Ouija boards, but would never have one in the house. I guess they’re just straight up spooky, and this is a good way or incorporating them!

So without further ado, let’s crack on!

Ok, so as I said, you’ll need Microsoft Word, a printer, some scissors, glue and black card if you want them to look just like mine, but of course you can play around with it a bit.

You’ll need to download this image, as this is the base for the invite:

Next, you’ll need to download a font called Captain Howdy from dafont, if you think another would look best, use that instead, but for those of you that want the exact same as mine, here’s the link:

Once you’ve downloaded the font, install it onto your computer (dead simple – just open the file, then open the font, on the top task bar should be a button reading ‘install’ click that and you’re away!), now we can get on with the fun part!

  Open the image in Microsoft word. Once you’ve opened it, adjust it to the size you’d like.

I always find it easier to change the text wrapping to tight as you can move the picture around to fit the page this way.

Once that's done, go to 'insert' and over to 'word art', select the arched option, this is how I got the words on the invite to curve like the letters on a Ouija board.

Be sure to select the right font! Then just write whatever you want to in the text box and click ok.

You’ll now have the writing appear on your page! Right click the text and select format word art.

Select 'layout' and 'in square'. This is what will make the text appear in front of the background image, but means you wont lose it later when you come to type text.

You can now move the writing to sit where you want it on the background image. Repeat this process for the second line.

Next, change the text wrapping for the background image again to behind text. You should now get a cursor on the top of the page. Move this into the position you want so you can start writing the fine print.

I would include things like your address and contact number, but I decided not to add mine for this tutorial.

Once you're happy with this, take a print-screen and paste it into paint.You now want to select the outline of the invite, copy the area you’ve selected, and open a new paint.

Paste the copied section into the new paint and save the image. You now have your invite! 

All I did after this step was to open Microsoft Word backup and insert the image to be printed off! It really was as easy as that!

If you want yours to look exactly like mine, you can also cut out a black piece of card, so it’s just bigger than the invite (to give it a bit of a border) Glue the invite in the middle and you’re done!

So simple, so easy and a lot less expensive than buying invites that look similar!

If you have any questions on this tutorial, feel free to leave me a comment!

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