Travel Tuesday: The Pumpkin Patch!

by - October 13, 2020

 If I had to choose my absolute favorite part of Halloween... it'd be hard but pumpkins would for sure be near the top of the list. I love the taste of pumpkin, I love carving jack o-lanterns and as soon as I start seeing them in stores, I get super freaking excited!

I've always wanted to visit a pumpkin patch. It's such an autumn American institution, but since Halloween is getting more and more popular over here (finally!) tons of patches have opened to the public in recent years. After a quick google, I found at least 3 in my immediate area. Is there anything more likely to get you in an autumnal mood than this?!
It's a great way to grab as many pumpkins as you want to make your halloween perfect. They have so many different varieties of pumpkins and also different squashes, so you're spoilt for choice. 

I highly recommend visiting your local patch! It's a great way to grab something different that you wouldn't necessarily find in your local supermarket. 

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