Travel Tuesday: St Mary's Mundon and the Petrified Oaks

by - October 06, 2020

 This October, I thought it might be fun to do a travel post every Tuesday sharing with you my favourite spooky places to visit!

One of my favourite places in this world is St Mary's Church in Mundon, Essex. The church itself is disused, but luckily was saved in 1975 by 'friends of friendless churches' who restored the building to its former glory. The building was first built in the 16th century, with many additions added later in the 18th century.

It's surrounded by some of the most beautiful graves you have ever seen, some hundreds of years old.

Visiting this time of year gives this place a haunted feeling. If it wasn't for the farm right next door, it'd feel like time had completely stood still.

But if spooky churches and graves that look like they came right out of a horror film aren't your thing. What about a forest of petrified oak trees?

The trees stand in a field right behind the church. Completely frozen. These oaks were once part of a forest which was used to build ships for the royal fleet. But thanks to a change in the water board, they now stand silent, never changing with the seasons.

Mundon is close to Mauldon, and if you use a sat-nav and don't mind the winding country roads, it's easy enough to find. I definitely recommend a visit.

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