Time to sparkle - Sparkler Writing

by - November 03, 2020

 This time of year is my absolute favourite. I adore all the festivities and from October through December, and I love feeling completely cosy. Another thing I love about this time of year is all the great photo opportunities. I've always loved the way sparkler writing looks. It's so creative and I love the mystery of not knowing what you'll get until you're completely finished.

My friends Ashleigh, Hayley and I decided to give it a go and I adore the outcome! 

To create our photos, we used my Nikon D3200 on a tripod. Having your camera on a tripod is the key to creating these photos. You'll be setting your camera on a super long shutter speed so you want to have your camera as steady as possible.

Camera Settings

ISO: 100
Aperture: 7.1
Exposure: 13 seconds

If you want to write something with your sparkler, don't forget to flip your image after! Whatever you write will otherwise appear backwards and there's no need to learn to write back to front!

I hope you have as much fun creating your photos as we did!

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