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meringue ghosts

Last year, I picked up Zoe Sugg's latest book 'Cordially Invited', as soon as it arrived I flicked to the autumn/Halloween section and had to try this recipe! Meringue has a reputation for being super difficult to make, but they're actually really simple if you have the right tools and a little patience, it only takes two ingredients (a third for their spooky faces!) to make a yummy treat that's always good to eat!

150g caster sugar 3 egg whites - be sure to remove every trace of yolk! 1 tube black writing icing for their spooky faces

Preheat your oven to 150◦C/ 130◦C fan
Pop your egg whites in a clean dry bowl and whisk until foamy peaks form (if you have an electric mixer, use it and save your arms!), once you have your foamy peaks, slowly add your caster sugar, a little at a time. You want to whisk the mixture until it turns white and glossy. You can tell you've mixed the sugar in enough when the granules have completely dissolved.

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