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My Advice For New Puppy Owners

There are so many things to consider before you make the decision to get a new pup. Me and Alex decided just over three years ago was the perfect time for us to finally get our two pugs, Doug and Dolly. Since getting them I've learnt the importance of research and preparation and since it's National Dog Day, I  thought I'd write a detailed post giving any advice I can.

Before you get a puppy it's important to have a real hard think about your lifestyle and how a pup would fit in. If your life is already hectic and you find it hard to find a spare second, take a chance to re-evaluate. 
If you find it hard to have a second to yourself already, imagine the added impact having a puppy would cause.
Equally, if you know you have the time for a pup, make sure you have enough time for the breed you're looking at. Different breeds need different care. Different exercise patterns, different food. Just make sure the pup you're looking for fits into your …

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