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smear for smear

When I had my letter through from my GP, I did what so many others do. Sighed, ignored it and went on with my business - I'll get around to that later... then they sent another, and another. It might have seemed like they were pestering me if it was for anything else, but I was more than a little aware of how important a smear could be. 

Both my mum and sister have had abnormal cells detected when they had their cervical screening, so I knew it would be a possibility for me. So I booked it. That same day I mentioned I'd booked it to my best friend, Paige who is younger than me and asked if she could come along, of course I agreed, and it was a date! All be it a very strange one.
When my appointment came around we  went to my GP office, and got called through for my appointment with the nurse. At first she was a little confused to see the two of us standing there (I guess patients don't usually bring a friend along) but once I explained it was my first, and my friend was a…

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